About Us

Khmer Foundation Investment Group (KFIG) has been established by a group of the Professional having vivid experience and wide exposure in business investment, especially in the area of Small-Medium Enterprise in Cambodia. The aim of this company is to create the Strategic Alliance and provides the opportunity for the integrated investment project in the Kingdom as well as in ASEAN countries. While implementing a project, we offer our customers and/or partners with tremendous solutions that are tailored to their individual investment needs.

Our Company builds the Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) Industrial Park in Cambodia. We combine well-proven business principles with an innovative idea in order to manage the strategic country through the mechanisms as shown in the diagram.

  KFIG is a dynamic Company specializing in the above mentioned projects in the Kingdom. The resource personnel working in the company are consistently providing reliable business advice, support services and consultancy to a wide variety of corporate projects either in the capacity of executive or as business partner or consultant.


The bottom line of the company philosophy is to build a long – term business partnership with its clients where interpersonal relationship, reliability, assured quality and target oriented services are the major objectives.


  It is a company where professionals from both technical and functional field group together with an objective of providing appropriate business solutions. It realizes the importance of functional knowledge and its impact in developing business solutions. We constantly strive to be a leading management in SME firm with profound business and functional knowledge. The key to the company’s success is the maintenance of a close working relationship with the clients through ensuring the best possible solutions to their needs, to establish and maintain a thorough knowledge and understanding of client’s objective and help them maximize the benefits. We establish ourselves as the best choice in business solutions. consultancy and development by offering the full spectrum of services.

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