KFA and KFIG Target Real Estate Expansion in Laos.

Khmer Foundation Appraisals (KFA) Co., Ltd was founded in 2015 and is a registered, legal and one of the top 5 Real Estate Companies in Cambodia. The Company’s regulations and policies conform to National and International standards of business ethics in the delivery of the professional real estate services and more. KFA provides Asset and Property Appraisals, Property Consultancy, Property Development, Investment, Engineering, and Construction. KFA’s central office is located in Phnom Penh while its 4 branch offices located in the four provinces reaching out to 25 Cities and Provinces throughout the country. KFA is tapping into the regional growth by expanding its reach in the neighboring countries.

Impressively, the Company was selected and granted the International Quality Crown Award in 2017 by the BID Group And IQC Selection Committee in London, England. And subsequently the Company was also selected and awarded the Cambodia Real Estate Award 2018 by the Realestate.com.kh and is currently waiting to receive Leadership And Management Award from the BIZZ Americas Award August 23-24, 2019, San Francisco, California by the World Confederation Of Business.

Okhna Noun Rithy, a Chairman/CEO of the Khmer Foundation Appraisal (KFA), said we are proud to be part of the first real estate development in Laos. Ultimately, our group of companies will develop the whole relevancy to real estate sector with the wider today economy. It will boost networking and information sharing to real investors from Cambodia to Laos as well.

Actually, Laos welcomes International Investors from around the world as well as the neighboring countries like Cambodia. Hence, we note that Laos is following a path similar to Cambodia and will turn up on the radar of more foreign direct investments in the coming years. Especially, China’s One Belt, One Road Initiative, has plans for a wide range of infrastructure projects in Laos such as Industrial Park. China – Laos High Speed Railway is scheduled to be opened in 2020. However, “We hope that our group of companies will not only succeed in real estate but also SMEs Multipurpose Industrial Park and Logistics provider as well, ” said Dr. Sarom Tem, a Founder and CEO of Khmer Foundation Investments Group (KFIG).

Authored by KFIG



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