KFIG pushes for big investment US$ 1 Billion Building a Green SMEs Multipurpose Industry Park.

KFIG and Thai- Chinese firm pushes for big investment US$ 1 Billion building a Green SMEs Multipurpose Industry Park in Kingdom. Therefore, KFIG Chairman and chief executive officer Dr. Sarom Tem said, “This year we will establish the investment projects that have been introduced over the past two years that have begun SMEs Multipurpose Industry Park”. In addition, The KFIG joint with Thai-Chinese set aside about US$ 1 Billion to expand in Cambodia this year and Lao (PDR) over the next years, with about 50 percent of that earmarked for joint ventures. The company formed a joint venture with the Thai-Chinese Investment Group to invest in Multipurpose Industry Zones in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. Therefore, Mr. Thossaphon KAENPROHM as President Group (Investment Funds) of KFIG was quoted in The Star as saying that this Multipurpose Industry Park (MIP) will be built in three phases, on 150 hectares, 100 hectares, and 50 hectares of land, respectively.
Meanwhile, the whole project will be divided into six sections, including Food and Beverages Cluster Zone, Logistics and dry port Zone, Garment Factories, Textiles, Light Industrial Products, Machinery, Construction Materials and Chemicals.